Waldemere, LLC

Thank you for great service, it is a pleasure to do business with Chula Vista Landscaping!

All my interactions with staff have been friendly and professional, everyone is expert in area in discussion. Whenever I’m at the property the landscape and common areas look fresh!

Nicole Lombardo, Managing Member
Waldemere, LLC


Rincon Research

Wanted to say thanks for getting 101 Wilmot looking good.

Grass, trimming, rocks and irrigation are all looking and working well and I appreciate the efforts of your crew.

Thanks again!

Jason A. Kaehr
Facilities Maintenance

ROK Props, Inc.

“I want to again tell you thank you!

You and your company have gone above and beyond for us to get this project completed.

I really appreciate that we can count on you and your company to get this job done and any other project completed when it needed. Since I am out of state, it’s a relief to know we have found a company that we can count on to help maintain the property.”


Fran Novak
Vice President
Manager of ROK Colonia Verde LLC


“…Chula Vista continues to exceed my expectations in regards to service, professionalism, response time, and cost. They’re willing to “go the extra mile!”

Christopher Bruyn
AME Management III


“I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Chula Vista Landscaping. We find our relationship to be above that of other name vendors we have utilized in the marketplace. I recommend them highly for your consideration.”

Steven G. Schuyler RPA, FMA
President and Broker


“The purpose of this letter is to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding job done day in and day out by the maintenance crews of Chula Vista Landscaping… I would recommend Chula Vista to any organization looking for a top-notch landscaping company. Keep up the great work!”


Chris Centuori
Operations Manager


“Thank you for the excellent service. The management of Chick-Fil-A expressed their gratitude for the crew working so quickly and efficiently so as not to disrupt their morning drive-thru customers.”

David Hall
Security and Facilities Coordinator

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