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Chula Vista Landscaping is on-call for emergency services 24-7 to perform services associated with landscaping whether or not the caller is a regular contract customer.

IRRIGATION REPAIRS: Whether a blown emitter, busted sprinkler, or a broken pipe, we are there.  Chula Vista Landscaping works closely with the City of Tucson Water Dept. for the handling of all irrigation related emergencies.

MONSOON MICRO-BURSTS: Has Mother Nature wreaked havoc on your trees?  No problem!! Chula Vista Landscaping has a full tree service, including 2 Boom Trucks, that can remove even the largest mess Mother Nature can stir up! This includes trees leaning on buildings, blocking roadways, entrances and even those that have fallen on buildings.

WILDCAT DUMPING:  The unexpected discovery that someone has used your property as a landfill can be handled by Chula Vista Landscaping!  We have the equipment on hand, and we're ready to pick up any debris that has been left for you to deal with, from miscellaneous trash to chunks of concrete and old furniture.

CLEAN-UPS:  The weeds, Desert Broom, trash and wild grasses have invaded your property and the City of Tucson is demanding you clean it up!  Give us a call.  We have the personnel and equipment to meet any deadline given.  What about a “HOMELESS CAMP." We clean up those as well.

REALTOR CONNECTIONChula Vista Landscaping offers a one-time or regular contract maintenance service to properties where a realtor has taken a listing for sale. We understand “curb appeal” is an essential element of selling a property.  Our goal is to HELP YOU SELL!

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