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My name is Victor Ruiz-Cornejo and I am a student at Stanford University.  Over the last year and for the next three years to come the Chula Vista Landscaping Foundation has provided me with a scholarship to help cover the cost of my books and other personal expenses.  This has been a huge blessing in my life as it allows me to focus more deeply in my studies, as I do not have to worry constantly about where I am going to get the money to buy the books for my classes. 

This last year at Stanford has been one of the best years of my life.  It has opened my eyes to a plethora of opportunities and experiences I never imagined I would get the chance to take advantage of at such a young age.  Just next year as a sophomore I am getting the chance to travel to the Galapagos Islands near Ecuador to participate and create my own research project.  It has always been my dream to visit these beautiful and important islands and just one year into my college experience I already have the chance to go.  Moreover, I have learned more this year then I have in a long time.  I have learned about all kinds of different topics that interest me like economics, human evolution, child development as well as things about myself that I never knew.  All of this was made possible by the generosity of the Chula Vista Landscaping Foundation. 

This, however, is only one of many times that Chula Vista has blessed my family and me.  My college experience would not be possible at all if I were not a legal resident of the United States.  Chula Vista helped make this happen.  Without residency I would not have been able to receive scholarships to help me pay for my college.  It would not have mattered how hard I worked it would have been near impossible; yet, Chula Vista helped make my dreams a reality. 

I feel extremely blessed and privileged to have this company, foundation and the owner in my life.  Alfredo Zavala has served as an inspiration to me since I heard his story.  He is a self-made man that worked extremely hard for what he has and all that he has accomplished.  As a young child I always respected his hard work and he served as a model of all that I could accomplish if I worked hard.  He helped me believe that a young Mexican boy could accomplish anything if he was willing to work for it.  In a time when it is hard to come by successful Hispanic role model I had one in my life to serve as a constant reminder that I could make my dreams come true.  That has been the biggest blessing of all.  The fact that I now believe that is what has gotten me through tough times and has helped define my work ethic.  I can only hope to one day serve as an inspiration for a young child as much as Mr. Zavala has served to me.  Actually, I do not just have to hope I can also work towards it. 

Thank you Chula Vista Landscaping for all you have done, are doing, and will continue to do to help me reach my goals.