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Many of our field workers have been with our company since the early years of Chula Vista Landscaping. We attribute our low turnover to the positive work environment which encourages our employees to remain with us for long periods of time. Our firm offers some of the best benefits and pay in the industry.

Our customers also benefit from seniority by seeing the same faces time after time on their properties.

Chula Vista Landscaping has long recognized the importance of creating a youth summer employment program in the community.  This unique employment opportunity keeps these youngsters occupied.

Chula Vista Landscaping's Summer Youth Employment Program was established several years ago to employ the children of our company's employees, in compliance to the US Department of Labor..

These young participants are taught work ethics at an early age; many return year after year.  Some of them eventually go into higher education.  Last year a former young Chula Vista Landscaping student graduated as an attorney in California.  Good work ethics and hard work begin at Chula Vista Landscaping !!!!!